Hash Trash 2010

Trash 1406

Hash Trash 1406 - at Jackie’s

Hares: Twitcher, Nuts for Love and CandyBlower

GM: Cockroach

RA: Candy Man

Scribe: Shark Killer

The run was described by Dumbass as fast and long (like some men) and the walk kept going back on itself according to Wet Dream. This may have been because he took the trail map away from CandyBlower and led everyone the wrong way trying to get sex on the hash but only got some hand holding action by that I mean he got to hold a woman’s hand, well, Dominatrix’s hand.

Forgetful Bastards included CandyBlower she forgot her key ring which said “Little Miss Bossy on it (no wonder CandyMan tried to be such a loyal husband, defending CandyBlower when she was accused of making the walkers almost miss a beer stop), NFL had some fragrant toiletries (maybe she wanted sex on the hash and was using scent as her seduction technique) and the bag itself.

AC/DC will be hosting the next run at COSMOS with Dodgy Dick.

Announcements were: Aberdeen 1500th Hash on 30th April 2011, pay by January. They are expecting the weather to be really good that time of the year in Sunny Scotland.

There is a Bitch Party at Slipway on December 3rd (Umoja House Charity Event).

New comers guide to Dar Es Salaam available for sale for TShs. 10,000 – contact Panty Pockets.

Quiz night at the Little Theatre on 19th November

Scottish band playing on Wednesday 17th November at the Irish Pub (we don’t expect there to be a lot of drinking that night given its Scottish and Irish people), 19th November, Friday at the Holiday Inn and 22nd November, Monday, at the HASH!

DSM Yacht Club Ball Saturday 13th November – TShs. 55,000

There was an article by “Who the fuck is Alice!?” in the Dar Guide November issue that completely defamed the Hash with pictures of Foxy Pussy, AC/DC, Cockroach, BOB, and of course Arse Liquor with a drawn on moustache and a red bra.

There was sex on the marine ball (unbelievable!), the culprits were a couple of hashers (again, shocking), both were MALE (we were startled!) – and then we learned it was Head Gasket and Cockroach (at which everybody nodded knowingly).

There was a lot of sex on the 1406 – Shark Killer and Just Roman, where they shared Shark Killer’s half of the Hashit gear, in her own defence, she said, “He wanted IT!” at which point Just Roman realised that chivalry is not something hashers are used to.

Castratos was asking all the women – and men! who wanted a “big one” (he meant lemon drops) and the naughty girls that got a down down for this were Shark Killer, Foxy Pussy and AC/DC. The ones who should also have been called in for this but weren’t, are Cockroach and Head Gasket.

Short Cutting Bastards were Caroline, Dominatrix (who ran away before the end of the circle because she was afraid of Boogy Boobs’ wrath), Close Encounters and Shark Killer.

Returnees were Bonzai, Castratos who was being a match maker for Bonzai (well, he is American so we were surprised since usually they tend to mind their own business), Elephant balls who was helping to rig the elections and Keith who was friendless.

Departees were Fully Fitted, Just Roman, Stainless Steel and Pig Iron.

Inappropriately dressed people were Caroline, Bolly, Just Roman, Debra, Keith, Elephant Balls, Easy Let and Pinocchio. They really have no excuse since T-Shirts have been on sale at every hash since the 1400th.

Virgins were Gwen (a man) from France, brought by Foxy Pussy and his favourite sexual position, which foxy pussy had her ears perked up to listen to, and was disappointed to learn, is “on top of CandyMan”. (We wanted a demonstration but CandyMan was afraid to let it happen in front of Little Miss Bossy, even though he really wanted it too). Samurai, from Japan (seriously), brought by Bonzai and his FSP is SnM. Tanni from Arizona and China came by herself (as virgins do), although her FSP is “against a wall” (now is that by herself or...)

Nominees for Hash shit were: Wet Dream for multiple reasons, Shark Killer for giving half of her half of the hash shit gear to Just Roman to wear, Just Roman for offering to take half of Shark Killer’s half of the hash shit gear off her, NFL for being far too organized, Squirrel for playing with his nuts, Slip Inside for disrupting the circle by talking.

There was a face-off between Wet Dream and Shark Killer and Wet Dream ended up with the hello kitty shorts on his head.

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