Hash Trash 2010

Trash 1405

Hash Trash 1405 - at BB’s and Wet Dreams mansion

Hares: Cockroach and Wet Dream

GM: Cockroach

RA: Candy Man

Scribe: Shark Killer

It was a fun hash, there were vodka shots, a swimming pool, stocks, halloween costumes, and lots of drunk people with little inhibition even when they are sober. Ok, wait, it’s the hashers we’re talking about here, lets not kid ourselves, we are never sober.

So in all the excitement, it was only noticed after the announcements that there was nobody scribing, which I think the GM should be blamed for, and nobody even gave him a down down for the same.

It was a short run with lots of stops, a lot of interesting reactions from the people around given we had a dead man walking, a devil, a doctor, a cat woman, a few witches and a frog on the run/walk.

The winner of the best costume were 3 witches – PP, NFL and Nurse Ratchet. There may have been one other winner.

The announcements if memory serves correctly were about the balls that are coming up, but since there was no mention of the bats coming up, there was little interest in this announcement. Then there was a rather inappropriate announcement from Legless about the Sharks winning the finals against Western Province on Saturday, for which he was held prisoner for a few minutes while we aimed wet sponges at his face.

There was a bit of a conflict about a broom left behind somewhere by one of the witches – we encouraged a faceoff between Candy Blower and Easy Let for the same, but none of them were very willing. The broom, however, was awarded to Easy Let.

BB and Wet Dream were thanked profusely for their generosity, -- (here is one of the spots the scribe notes got wet with Candy Blower’s – well, wine).

Given that there are only 2 rules at the hash, the 2nd rule was surprisingly broken twice on the 1405 – by Saddle Sore and My Little Pony and then separately by Shark Killer (using her cat woman costume tail – during the run – although technically, it takes two so she should not have been called on for breaking that rule).

Returnees: Nurse Ratchet whose reason was barfing kids, Panty Pockets, Bent who was stuck somewhere, the guy who always wears a bandanna, My Little Pony who was in jail in Malawi and two other people who have been away too long for us to remember who they are.

Departees: Fuck off is finally doing what he’s told and fucking off! Others were Bolly, and sparkle’s grandparents – Stailess and Pig Iron (who says his wife is perfect, so we wondered how long they’d been married, the debate was between one week and two weeks. The people supporting the former won the argument).

Virgins: Duncan who comes from Ireland and was brought by Squirrel and refused to demonstrate his FSP. Frederick from Kenya who was brought by Charles and likes Doggy Style. Jane who was looking nervous who comes from USA and was brought by NFL and who likes them all!

Nominees for hash shit were Shark Killer for sex on the hash (by herself), Knight Rider for not bring the shit gear for 1 week, Head Gasket for no custume, Bolly for farting in BB’s face. The highest order of the hash was awarded jointly to Bolly and Shark Killer (because she let the power of being scribe get to her head yet again and tried to get out of being nominated).

The evening finally ended at midnight after hashers were well fed, very wet and quite drunk on the sambuca and vodka shots.

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