Hash Trash 2010

Trash 1413

Run No. 1413
Venue: Ooor Hoose
Hares: Wet Dream, Tootsie, Boogie Boobs
Grandmaster: Cockroach
Religious Advisor: Wet Dream

For me, the mince pies and mouldy wine were the highlights of this Hash, but there was a run (‘no paper’ said Little MG) and a walk (‘wot walk?’ said Mama Kali). The Trailmaster has gone AWOL (was it something I said?) but DumbAss stepped in and offered to host next weeks Hash - somewhere. We were told that there will be a ‘memorable’ T-shirt - yeh, sure, of course there will.

Little MG’s boasts of drinking her American fellow-students under the table were put to the test in a Boat Race with Boring - but at the finish there wasn’t a drop of spittle between them. The Guest RA, complaining about the piss-poor singing, tried to lower the tone with a choir of EasyLet, Takkatrakka, and AC/DC, but all they came up with was a schmaltzy carol. When asked why they were late, Angie, Violent and Get Me Off complained of a rash, but they wouldn’t say where it was. Mick the Dick, Mama Kali, and Salty Gonads were welcomed back to the Hash with the Triple. Jo, another party girl masquerading as a serious student a long long way from her parents, was named SAFE SEX - by popular acclaim. There really wasn’t much scope to finger people for the Hashit, so it stayed with Boring - pretty much by default. And anyway he needs more practice in putting a bra on - he’s nearly 20 for heaven’s sake. The Circle ended with SLSC.

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