Hash Trash 2010

Trash 1412

Run No. 1412
Venue: Thai Village
Hares: Cockroach, Desperate
Grandmaster: Cockroach
Religious Advisor: Gary Glitter

A motley dribble of sweaty Santas wound their way through very familiar territory, but the promise of three beer stops kept them going - and so it came to pass. Shark Killer had the brass neck to ask for a Vodka and TangaWizi at one of them, and got it!

NWH is in Wet Dream’s bed. Shark Killer is promising fun in the sun on Bongoyo Island on Boxing Day (meet 0900 at Slipway) Fully Fitted is climbing Kili for charity in January and would welcome your support (no thongs please), and Panty Pockets is suggesting that you fit in a Hash on Zanzibar during the Sauti za Busara music festival (11-13 February). Three Luos from Nairobi were welcomed with the Triple Down Down, and last weeks Hashit holders - Head Gasket and AC/DC - were made to share the Hashit shorts. AC/DC received the first Chrissy present, which appropriately enough seemed to be two dildos linked by a rope - though one of the Brats pointed out that dildos don’t usually have rev counters on them, and so it was more likely to be a skipping rope. Other presents included lubricants of various colours (mostly white) sporran cleaners, fanny flannels, soap on a rope, and a vibrator (Caucasian) (anatomically correct) (batteries included) which went to a good home. In their excitement both Cockroach and Shaggy creamed their shorts. Returnees included Spare, Boring, Fully Fitted and Shaggy. The Hashit was a toss-up, and tossers in contention included Shark-Killer, Desperate, AC/DC and Boring. It went to Boring, and boy was he Sick. The Circle ended with SLSC.

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