Babu Goldings beach house

The Goldings beach house is most easily reached by crossing the harbour on the car ferry, driving almost exactly 40 kilometres south and turning left.

Should the ferry be busy then you can also drive around the harbour.

OK try this, and follow on the attached map.

If the ferry queue is too long (too many cars or only one fery running ?) then get out of the queue and head forward onto the waterfront around the harbour (don’t turn around - it’s a one way street).

Go straight past the Zanzibar ferry pier and keep on the main road ahead.
You will come to a roundabout at which you turn left.
Cross two sets of railway tracks and BP fuel on the right before reaching another (new) roundabout.
Turn RIGHT (yes right, on the way to Kilwa).
You will cross Mandela Road near the National Stadium (keep going) and run into road works (keep going).
The Saba Saba show will be on the left (keep going) until you reach the daladala nightmare at Mbagali (keep going).
Cross a river and three speed bumps before turning LEFT onto a tarred road when a large blue roof appears ahead of you (before you reach the roof).
This road now winds around until rejoining the road south from the car ferry near Kipepeo, at which ‘T’ junction you turn RIGHT.
You have rejoined the preferred road and can relax for about 30 km.
Cross a river and pass through Kimbeji village.
Cross another river and through another village.
Cross a third river and see the Tanzanian Peoples Defence Force (TPDF) on the right.
At a large mango tree there should be a HHH sign attached to a tree directing you to turn LEFT.
Follow the HHH signs.

See attached sketch map and GPS generated track for visual assistance.


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