Hash Trash 2009

Trash 1346

Dar Es Salaam Hash House Harriers Trash 1346 – St Andrew’s Night!

There were men in skirts with strange ginger hair and flat caps. There were hashers with bits of square patterns all over their clothes. The GM turned up in a towel… Some dastardly drink was forced down throats, a vague rendition of what is probably a really neat dance and then there was a run and a walk.
The cripples (whose chairmanship I have reluctantly had to resign recently… over to you nite-rider?) were out in force – but mainly in the beer or band trucks.
Not sure what Flatulence is up to here but then, who is ever sure what he’s up to?There was the odd sample of beer consumed at 2 beer stops as well as the odd whipped willow (or was it a dashing sergeant that I couldn’t catch up with?)
The circle went on for an eternity – I was sure the Guinness book of records guy was waiting in the wings (Did anyone ever read ‘the man who ate a 747’?). The hares (ripper, Shaggy, BB, and Just Kate) were roused and thanked profusely by elephant balls (who liked the beer and dancing but was bitching about the length of the damn run….) and Stiffy (who possibly wasn’t even asked what he thought about the walk of which the first leg was far too long and fast for this cripple). Obviously the trail master had no clue where we will reside next week. Lucky for us (and those slackers of you who NEVER set runs) Just Beth managed to cluelessly volunteer to host next week and we will see her at Chake Chake St.

The haggis was addressed in a hashy manner by Just Ian (does he not have a hash name yet?) including something about a pudding race. I must have been more pissed than I thought earlier than I thought on Saturday ‘cos I don’t remember any mention of puddings and races in the same sentence that early in the evening? All the Scot s and a few wannabes did down downs for simply being northerners.

There was the odd announcement for things that will have been and gone before you get the chance to read this (teachers going nuts at IST and a piss off party for 2@time and Dikbuster) – but Fuck It Now and the wonderful Dominatrix got warm free beer for their efforts.

I have no idea why this motley crew got to do the triple. Some of those ginger hat wearers and even more wannabes got rewarded in traditional style in the circle. The GM seems to think that this is a drinking club – but only during and after the run – with a running problem and so punished those (Dumbass, Dominatrix, Little GM, Just Jesse, Nite rider, just some other chappy) who have a slightly different view of the hash drinking non-rules. There was some incredibly bad taste (even for DH3) public information about the hash rat for which Panty Pockets took the obligatory warm safari.

Huge thanks to Cock Roach for keeping my beer supply going whilst I was scribbling away – though none of which I can read now. (Why?) Tons more beer was abused, used and thrown about as is required at such an auspicious event – the inappropriately dressed were lamented, the shoeless frowned upon and, of course, the virgins (who picks up these people in car parks on Monday afternoons?). Stiffy probably wished he was elsewhere as the crowd sang hashy birthday. Just Kate became incredibly Desperate as she will henceforth be addressed. More songs – the eurovision winner Hashing Matilda- resounded down Haille Sellaise. There were obviously some nominations for Hash Shit but the photographic evidence points to Cock Roach being the eventual winner and got his grub first. I am sure SLSC was sung……
Til next week?

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