Hash Trash 2009

Trash 1343

HASH TRASH Run No.1343
7 November 2009
Venue: TINY’S Garage
Hares: TINY SAUSAGE, Ripper, GetMeOff
RA: GetMeOff
Yet another not-so-tiny TINY run that had little to do with check-backs and a lot to do with backstreets and checkpoints. With what may have been a record number of Hash check points the Beer Truck seemed to have been running away from the runners. Turned out pretty much true when arriving to the Beer Stop only to find no walkers and even more saddening... no Beer Truck! Need to speed up the runners in the future or slow the walkers further if that is even possible. Thankfully, your friendly neighborhood Tanzanian bystander was able to assist a parched gang of Hashers with a cell phone and all was sorted out. Those drinks sure went down smooth, a couple runners even felt it was necessary to take one for the road, and who can blame them? After reuniting with the walking brethren and several “10 minutes till Circle!” by Camp Bed for over a period of half an hour the ceremonies were underway. Uniform of the day, compliments of TINY SAUSAGE, consisted of a very fashionable Red, White, and Blue Polo shirt that got no complaints from the American section and several out of tune hummings from everyone else. A shortage of, and maybe thankfully, warm Safari resulted in specials of warm Kilimanjaros for down downs. It seems it may have been a “Secret” Hash looking at the figures, fear not however, all present members took the daunting task of emptying the coolers in stride. While some semblance of sobriety was still a factor announcements were as follows:
14 November- The Marines celebrate 234 years of kicking ass and taking names
Ed note, next hash is Monday Nov. 16th at CampBeds tentsite
22 November- Sunday Hash. Details will be revealed when someone figures it out. So expect 21 November announcements
28 November- St Andrews Ball, Kilts optional
After her recovery of a weekend of ghoulish antics and missing the previous Hash Shit appearance on Monday AYAYAYAYAYAYAY was eager to be back and retake her title beer abusing her way into the circle. Virgin Nancy decides to take the walky talky literally and use it on the walk. Virgins eager to make a name for themselves with Jeff (RustyForeskin) stripping atop the trash pile pulling in Virgin Rosemary, AYAYAYAYAYAYAYA, and Mind the Gap in for staring at his nipples. Virgin-whose-name-I-can’t-recall is pronounced Hash Hero for finding the Beer Truck, and Ripper celebrates a British Holiday of which we are all happy to oblige with down downs. Virgin FSPs were graphic and entertaining at points. Nancy announced beneath a hail of “yeah right” and BS calls that she was a “TrueVirgin.” We have many people that can alleviate that, free of charge even! Johannes from... Johannesburg? Enjoys to partake in all positions imaginable and unimaginable. Meagan simply states that she enjoys anything with her legs in the air which coincided with RustyForeskin’s, named the Wiley Awning as spelt by Spits and Swallows. Everyone was enlightened with a how-to demonstration of the WA with Meagan which involved, well waddya know... her legs in the air. It’s like fate sometimes really. Golfers were introduced to the circle with a few of them having some religious touches to their names. They were introduced to our heathen ways and looked rather like they enjoyed it. Hash shit nominations were aplenty with Bite My Mega from VirginNancy. AYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAAAYAA for failure to don Hash Shit attire. TINY SAUSAGE for pretending to have a Hash Shit. Bite My Mega again for the shits of it by the RA. Winner logically goes to BMM just for the shits of it. Circle ends with a sweet serenade of SLSC.
On On, DickBuster

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