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Hash Trash 1559

rockclimber Saturday 27 of April, 2013

Run 1559

Location : Arizona Grill

Hares: Pro-Boner, Rotosserie and Rock Climber

GM: Cockroach

RA: Shaggy Haggis

Well despite the weather it was a fantastic turn out, maybe it was some more ground hog day intel that hashers were leaving, now when we look back at hashers who have announced this in the past, we find that hashers are really milking this, so much so that they out grow their leaving shirts.

The walk was said to dirty and wet and too many snakes, Magic Finger must have been to close to the walking hare (Rockclimber).

Candyman said the run was brilliant, then remembered he was in the circle at the hash (a rare thing these days), and noted it utterly crap.

Next weeks hash was announced to be hosted by hash leavers Nuts4Luv and Castrato, “will they ever f**kin leave Tz” were they ever actually leaving begs the question ?

Nut’s stayed in the circle to claim back her lost hat left at Wet Dreams beach birthday bash in early March, if recall that was in fact the only item of clothing she managed to retain on her body after entering the torrent sea. It was confirmed that Nut’s and Castrato are finally departing, Nuts4Luv has been confirmed as the leader for the newly announced project to establish a hash on Mars (MH3), her hash-tranaut training has paid off, she also pointed out that she will see just as much of Castrato from the red skies of Mars as she does currently from here on earth.

Amazingly Tiny has managed to get a ticket with Air Tanzania to enter the annual Mars to Jupiter relay event, bring your own oxygen is mandatory. Tiny also asked to plug his new business up there “Tiny’s Galactical Repairs and Universal Spares”

Shaggy started off with one HSE incident, salamma Stubby cleaned up some spillage with the missing in action hash shit gear, not sure why its smelling of jasmine oil. Just Adam took a down down for lost property.

Pro-boner and accomplice Rotosserie were back in the circle for misleading the pack which side the paper was on they said right and meant left, we all know when a female says “Yes” she means “No”

Further punishments went to Wet Dream for empire building, Hitler for short cutting and Gary Glitter as a proxy Bag-o-bones who was seen leading the the pack, very unusual, it was put down to his recent trip to the very cold UK, so sex every night on account that Panty Poc’s would not turn on the heating and an alleged ski trip, this is just ridiculous, i have heard of tripping on mushrooms, but on yogurt !!

Late cumers were, Skinny Shafted, Wet Dream and Betty Boo

Inappropriately dressed, John the Baptist, just Lesley, Just Judith and Wet Dream

Pain in the ass was Wounded Knee for a well coined phrase when one GM drinks all GM’s drinks

Returnees, Castrato, Nuts4Luv, just Steve, just Judith and The Candy Man, used 4 words to confuse us all

Hares Rotosserie and Pro-Boner were spotted sitting on the beer cooler and immediately positioned for horizontal down downs, by Salamma Stubby and Scrotum Scrummer who used his arm, hand and finger to create a waterfall effect, lets hope boxer was not watching.

Virgins: Just Alan from the USA likes missionary style, Just Kim also from the USA ditto’d the same FSP and finally visiting Nairobery hasher Kitcha Mbuzi said he does not know the name for his favourite.

A joint Hash-tranaut down down was carried out between long legged and armed, skinny shafted and not so armed Castrato.

Convent living shy girl Just Judith also attempted this down down on her own with the newly acquired HSE wiper goggles, its rumoured she is likely to change her trait to wild party girl, amazing what a little warm safari can do !

Hash shit nominees: Magic Finger, Boogy Boobs, Candy Man, Rock Climber and Nut4Luv, it was a very close call indeed but veteran hasher Boogy Boobs took the honours

Circle ended with SLSC

So its a well deserved Good Bye to Nust4Luv and Castrato


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