Hash Trash 2010

Trash 1411

Run No. 1411
Venue: Hash Harlot’s Brothel
Hares: Dominatrix, Just David (ahwtk)
Grandmaster: Cockroach
Religious Advisor: Candyman

The select few that pitched up at the brothel were rewarded with a challenging, sweat-dripping run, and a no-nonsense forced march for the walky-talkies. The beer stop was hidden away in the back of a shebeen, and the runners overran it. Some of the walkies, who looked as though they had been there for hours, called them back, but Head Gasket steam-rollered on regardless. AC/DC ran after him to turn him round - bad mistake.

Nuts 4 Lurve claimed to have interrogated Castrato about NWH over the breakfast table, but he was issuing information strictly on a ‘need to know’ basis and so wouldn’t tell her anything. He was last seen at 17.30 hours heading across the tracks for the ‘cheating side of town’, so Nuts4L is on the market again. As it happened, the GM knew that, if he gets round to organising it, NWH will be the Christmas Special at the Thai Village. Another red T-shirt to dump with the yellow ones in the bottom of the cupboard. Oh, and there will be at least three beer stops. Do not turn up without a Chrissy present costing not more than Tsh 5,000. Following a rather unfortunate incident some years ago (the child is still in therapy) please clearly label the present as being for CHILD, or ADULT, or PERVERTED ADULT - as appropriate. It was announced that you can have great fun with children at the Little Theatre on December 18th. Santa is going to come - isn’t he the lucky one.

There were calls for a short Circle, so the RA got everyone to kneel down. Yes, Candyman was back. But, as usual he couldn’t wait to get to the Virgins. There was only one, a spirited, and uninhibited Nairobean called Angie or AJ. Her FSP was unintelligible amongst all the giggling - and that was just the RA. The Departees outnumbered the Stayers and Festerers, but they are all going to be doing boring things, except for Pleasure Centre who has got a hot date with Mickey Mouse. When called to give a note for the Departees, F-Off shouted ‘F***-OFF” - which was highly apposite in the circumstances. Just David - a landscape gardener/architect by profession - will henceforth be known as BRAZILIAN LAWN. This gem came from Angie, who obviously knows her bushes. Candyblower promised to explain it to the RA later. Head Gasket accounted for most of the candidates for the Hashit (over-running the beer stop - being half-naked in the Circle - never shutting up) but there was also AC/DC whose crime was to ensure that Head Gasket didn’t get lost (when the Dar Hash has been trying to lose him for years). It was only fitting then that the Hashit be awarded jointly to both of them - and so it came to pass. The Circle ended with SLSC.

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