Hash Trash 2010

Trash 1410

Run No. 1410
Venue: Windy Towers
Hares: Flatulence, Hornigoat, Panty Pockets
Grandmaster: Cockroach
Religious Advisor: Dominatrix

It was long and a bit wrinkly, and the trail wasn’t much better, but it came good in the end. Most Hashers heeded the call to come in red lingerie, though the GM had his arse over tit as usual (I jfind it hard to believe that his extensive collection of scanties, see-throughs and skimpies all belong to EasyLet). Pleasure Pooch looked very fetching in a push-up red bra. And was it Martha, or Caroline or Robi who was wearing a thong from Victoria’s Secret with the price tag still on it?

NWH will be a completely different kettle of fish, as it will be a very learned affair hosted by the Hash Harlot at her cut-price brothel in Regent Estate. Everyone knows where it is. Her significant other said the trail will be laid in anthrax spores - strange sense of humour these Canucks, donchya think?

Just when we thought we might get away without there being an announcement (Candyblower being absent)we got some good and bad news: Flatulence is leaving......but is coming back. The Guest RA was Dominatrix, but what with her memory (what memory?) and her classroom skills (what classroom skills?) she struggled to keep the lesson going according to plan (what plan?). There were an interminable number of returnees including Pissed in Action, Pleasure Centre, Just Charles (ahwtk), Takkatrakka, Bing, Bong, Centrefold, Once a Month, and Enema Queen. Half of them were also Departees - why do we bother? Just Charles is now to be known as Hitler (I can’t explain the link, as I haven’t got all night, but testicles came into it along the way). And Roman, whose chat-up skills couldn’t get him a girl in a brothel (according to Shark-killer), is to be called Caligula. I like that. A few straw men were nominated for the Hashit, but the world and his wife knew that it would inevitably stay with Shark killer, because she doesn’t wear it with pride. This week she conned some poor schmuck into carrying it for her. And so it came to pass. We ended with SLSC.

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