Hash Trash 2011-2012

Trash 1415

Castrato Saturday 15 of January, 2011

Hash Trash 1415 - at Jackie’s hosted by Nuts for Love
January 10th, 2011

Hares: Nuts for Love, Shark Killer, Candy Blower

GM: Cockroach

RA: Candy Man

Scribe: Shark Killer

When asked to describe the hash, Hash Dance went on about her sex life being boring and waiting for people to come – A woman who likes it fast. ACDC promptly undressed on hearing this, and later Taka Trucker complained about Gary Glitter making her almost non-existent shorts wet. When he came.

NWH will be hosted by Close Encounters and Extra Testicle (Head Gasket checked).


Wine Festival on 22nd Jan at Southern Sun, tickets for TShs. 30,000

MacTilda hash on 23rd Jan at Bongoyo – TShs. 45,000 per person, bring full amount on the next hash

Events at the Little Theatre – 28th Jan Quiz, 1st Feb My Brilliant Divorce, 12th Feb – Masked Ball

St George’s Valentines Quiz 11th Feb

Returnees: most of the circle

Departees: Cockroach, Man Cuff, Boring

Virgins/Visitors: Wet Spot from USA, the entire Kampala Hash made him come and he loves all possible sexual positions. He actually seemed quite harmless, though he picked 3 women to drink with. ACDC was one of them so she made up for where he lacked.

Nominees for Hash Shit were Panty Pockets for a pathetic note, Lousy Head for forgetting his hash name (which is very apt), Nuts for Love for making false promises (as men often do but for different reasons) and Horny Goat for taking advantage of Flatulence’s absence.

Lousy Head led us to the food after an unusually short circle even though Cockroach and Candy Man were both present.

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Shark Killer

Trash 1414

Castrato Sunday 09 of January, 2011

Hash Trash 1414 -
Monday, 3 January 2011 at Coco Beach hosted by Dumbass

Hares: Cockroach, Dumbass, Shark Killer

GM: Cockroach

RA: Man Cuff

Scribe: Shark Killer

It was a small, intimate hash. The walk was described as a big square, but enjoyable. People were misled on the run. The beer master couldn’t find the beer stop. Dumbass arranged 1414 t-shirts!


Fully Fitted needs a coat for his Kili climb (he’s obviously not living up to his name). The climb is for charity so contact him if you want to sponsor

Wine Festival on 22nd Jan at Southern Sun, tickets for TShs. 30,000

MacTilda hash on 23rd Jan at Bongoyo – TShs. 45,000 per person, bring TShs. 25,000 deposit on the next hash

Late comers:

Panty Pockets – was bobbing about (who’s Bob, when BOB is out of town?)

Get Me Off – still celebrating new years

Inappropriately dressed:

Shark Killer for wearing a dress (we couldn’t see her shorts under the size medium t-shirt)


Wander Lust – blames her mother who has been in town since Nov 11, not that she’s been keeping track

Just Ryan (AHWTK) – has been a hasher for 13 years, and has attended 7 hashes in total


Fully Fitted (good luck!), Slip Inside, Dumbass, Francis (AHWTK)


Anne from Muscat, Silicon Tits made her come in a lateral position, no wait that is her FSP.

Queen Elizabeth II from Buckingham Palace (Wander Lust’s mom from USA), Prince Phillip made her come, FSP outside the box (she was definitely prepped)

Elaina from Finland who comes by herself and likes to be on top (of? Head Gasket volunteered to be under, but he’s actually quite harmless)


Ryan was named Bad Luck Bitch

Francis was named Undertaker

Nominations for Hashit:

Kilidogo for being inefficient with passing out down downs

Head Gasket for phone in the circle

Shark Killer for being inappropriately dressed, and having no hang over on new year’s day after downing half a bottle of tequila and fucking up her back (on new year’s eve)

Boring for not being there

Queen Elizabeth II for talking

The honour was taken by QEII, who led us to the food which was absolutely delicious.

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