Hash Trash 2010

Welcome to the new decade of hashy excellence!

Trash 1371

Run No.1371 19 April 2010
Venue: CARTRACK, Regent Estate
Hares: Squirrel, Nutcracker, Panty Pockets
Grand Master: Cockroach
Religious Advisor: Extra-Testicular

It was a very muddy walk - well more like a forced march than a walk actually, but that’s Panty Pockets for you. Wet Dream was chaperoning Easy Let, Just Alice, Get Me Off, Pleasure Centre, Dominatrix, Aiieeeee, Bijal, and Close Encounters - you get the picture. He even gallantly waded into a lake to rescue EasyLet whose wobbly bits were all of a tremble balancing on so called stepping stones. I think some hashers also went for a run.

Nuts for Love didn’t know where next weeks hash will be, and why should she, but the GM had a hash up his sleeve - a St George’s Hash, complete with a real dragon (no, I’m not telling you her name - you’ll have to guess) and it will probably/possibly/indubitably be at Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooor Hoose. Foxy Pussy was one of many hashers who had creditably got their butt out of bed early and spent their Sunday morning walking for charity. The Guest RA was all at sea most of the time, kicking off with the Virgins (of which there were none) and finishing off with Returnees (Get Me Off, Aieeeeeeeeee, and Bumtitty) and Departees (Hannah and Oliver - Hash permitting). There were mutterings of “Once a policeman, always a policeman” when he read out the charge sheet against Head Gasket, as it included “inciting others to short-cut, conspiracy to short-cut, minded to short-cut, and grievous bodily short-cuttin.” Close Encounters appeared in the Circle (don’t ask me why) and boldly announced “I have got two bits of good news” - to which Foxy Pussy retorted “you’re pregnant,” but it was just the way she was standing. Things got a bit fuzzy then (must have snorted too much coke I s’pose), but I think one of the bits of good news was that Horni and Flatus have finally got knotted - they had to go all the way to the Serengeti to ensure that the solemnity of their wedding wasn’t ruined by pissed hashers. So anyway, the Right Rev. Paddy Patel P.A. officiated at a very Indian Hash wedding ceremony, the climax of which was when he sprinkled the happy couple with poo poo from the Ganges - they seemed delighted. Candidates for Hashit included Extra-T for his flaky performance as RA, Get Me Off for being the Hash Haberdasher With No Clothes, with Head Gasket as a makeweight. The Honour went to Get Me Off - and all night long he was honour and offer. The Circle ended with SLSC.

On On

Trash 1370

Run No.1370 12 April 2010
Venue: The Lunatic Asylum
Hares: Castrato, Nuts for Love, Boxer
Grand Master: Cockroach
Religious Advisor: Candyman

A cracking, brisk, no-nonsense run set by neophyte Castrato - living proof that being emasculated gives you extra energy. To the amazement of everyone Wet Dream started running (perhaps there was no-one on the walk worth chatting up) - poetry in motion it wasn’t - but he soon went back to his old habits (of short-cutting I hasten to add) and, unusually, he didn’t do a very good job (of short-cutting I hasten to add). Happy With Three Fingers (aka HW3F) said the walk was “luverly” - well she would wouldn’t she? Then the usual tawdry, tedious announcements:
Next Sunday (18th April) Live Earthy charity walk - National Stadium 8.00
Saturday 24th April, St Georges Ball - not many places at the trough left
Thursday 29th April, High Drama at the George and Dragon
Saturday 15th May, Bagomoyo Run - Candyman has forgotten who is on his team, so, if you are on his team, can you please either remind him, or try and segue into a more focussed outfit. Deposits of Tsh50,000 to be paid asap.

NWH will be set by Squirrel and Nutcracker - from a mystery venue. The RA kicked off his slot by hauling out Wet Dream for being an SCB; he in turn blamed Close Encounters and Nutcracker for leading him astray. But we all know that butter wouldn’t melt between their thighs - ipso facto, he must have been lying. Theyre all the same these ex-GMs - they think they can get away with anything. Latecomers included Banzai (velly solly) Sail (on Mozambique time) and Dominatrix (under the psychotherapist). Inappropriately dressed included HW3F, Dominatrix, Boxer, Just Anna and Just Gus. Returnees included Nutcracker, Neandershorty, Sail, Dominatrix, and Just Beth (as she was then known). Virgins included Just David, Nicola, and Anna, all of who claimed to have highly fanciful FSPs. The RA lashed out at Girls Aloud: - Spitz, Close Encounters and Just Beth (as she was then known) who were chatting animatedly about their problems down under. Talking of which, HW3F either has St Vitus’s Dance, or needs to strengthen her pelvic floor, because she couldn’t stop bobbing about and crossing / uncrossing her legs - I knew you would be interested in that. After much profound reflection Hashers decided that Just Beth should henceforth be called “Buttwoman”. Candidates for Hashit this week were a right pair of tossers - Extra Testicular and Just Chris. The winner was Extra-T once again. As in all the best Circles, the ceremony ended with the traditional song.

On On

Trash 1369

Run No.1369 29 March 2010
Venue: The Gasworks
Hares: Flatulence, Hornigoat, and Panty Pockets
Grand Master: Cockroach
Religious Advisor: Candyman

A brisk and businesslike run with a few twiddly bits for effect. Said to be “Just right.” Hmmph! It was a Hash when hordes of little people - the Paddybrats and the Candybrats - kept getting under one’s feet, up one’s nose, and generally making a hideous racket. I recognised A+, Baywatch, Calumny (as he was then known), Spitoon, and Knickerless (as he is still known) but there were more of the little horrors. Our brand, spanking (I’m guessing) new Trailmaster - Castrato - has opted to solve the problem of persuading lazy hashers to set a Hash by setting them all himself. So NWH is at the Nuthouse. He started to give us precise directions, but we are so unused to this, that no-one could cope - there’ll be a map. The GM jeered the Easter Hashers for bringing beer all the way back from Udzungwa. Announcements came slim and slow, and included:
Friday 9th April - welcome the new intake/detachment/platoon/whatever of Marines at the Marine House about 8’ish
Sunday 18th April - Live Earth Run for Water - 6km walk and 15km run
Saturday 24th - Candyblower says St George has the best balls in Dar, and she should know
May 1st - Nairobi Hash are having a joint Hash with Kili Hash in Arusha or maybe Moshi
15-16th May - Bagomoyo Relay
22nd May - Kili Beer are sponsoring a half marathon after ? the Goat Races

The RA dragged the Returnees into the Circle and they included Easy Let, Latecummer, Panty Pockets, Extra-Testicular, Hornigoat, and Banzai - all had pathetic excuses. Boogie Boobs was a rare Departee. Two Virgins, John and Neil, from Blighty, with typically uninspiring FSPs, were despatched. Horni was having trouble with her chipolatas (she is more of a rancid, raw fish person really) so we needed to kill time, and Head Gasket obliged by leading the brats in a right song and dance aka “Father Abraham”. It was then time to give Calumny a Hash name, and the way his mother described him you’d think the sun shines out of his “ELBOW!” - and after she was banished from the Circle, hashers in their wisdom decided on the name of “Grasshopper” - but he can always change it later for something better, because Candyman made his usual pig’s ear of incanting the incantation - thus invalidating the ceremony. When asked who was the current holder of the Hashit, Wet Dream said that it had been bestowed on Pleasure Centret, cos she’s short and Welsh, but it turns out she is from Milwaukee (and did she ever successfully swop her pet snake for a car?). Any road, that is neither her nor there, there were plenty of fresh-faced new candidates, including Banzai (for being Welsh), Castrato and Nuts (for having sex on the Hash), Extra-T (for picking flowers to adorn Close Encounter’s hair - the great puffta). The Great Puffta got it - GOOD CHOICE! The Circle ended with the traditional song and then we all got to gnaw on Horni’s chipolatas. Yum Yum.

On On

Trash 1368

Run No 1368
Hondo Hondo Camp, Udzungwa mountains
Sun 4 April 2010
Hare of the dog at 0900 hrs. Yuck
GM : CampBed
RA : Candyman

Hares Castrato and WD seemed to understand the general lethargy and set a fairly short run, but the downhill mud slide took its toll of fallers.
PleasureCentre thought the walk was too prickly, but JustJoe said the run was hacking through the jungle.
Castrato had forgotten to get direction to Flatulence’ office (the next run) (hello again Rippa) but made a good attempt at blustering his way through until caught out when it came to specifics - like where is it?

RA Candyman took issue with serious beer abuse (S&S, JustAlice); gross inappropriate dress (too many for your scribe to note); visitors (Ryan and Benjamin); and anyone who had avoided a down down during the weekend. Credit went to all the young hashers for calling properly when on paper; but Chammy, Layla, and Spitoon were back again, joined by JustAlice, for mudslide antics.
The hashshit remained PC, and GM CampBed moved onto naming a couple of hashers who had done many many runs but still had no hash name.
HeadGasket characterised Chammy and Layla for the circle, but the RA yet again claimed powers delegated from the Great Giblet in the sky (as everyone knows the RA’s powers are handed down from the Great Gismet), so my crystal ball suggests that these names may well be modified in a few years.
Layla was duly anointed A+ and Chammy is to be known as BayWatch for the foreseeable future.
SLSC and a rush for the showers.

Both events truthfully and totally recorded in all good faith.
Your stand in scribe,
Squire L

Trash 1367

Run no 1367
Hondo Hondo camp, Udzungwa Mountains
Sat 3 April 2010

Hares : WetDream and CampBed
GM : WetDream
RA : CandyMan
The Mismanagers had done so much planning for this event that it was easy to decide on Friday evening that there should be a run on Saturday.
Predictably we knew we had enough beer and wine, (having stripped the hash warehouse) - who cares about water and soda anyway.
The only unknowns were
1. who was actually at the Wild Things campsite
2. who would set a run
3. where the run might go
4. if anyone would be energetic enough to actually do a run after spending six hours tramping through the forest and climbing Sanje Falls.
As example : the magical mystery hashers who had been first to arrive at the camp, been personally conducted to their tent by camp manager Jock and ticked off on the printed cast list were NEVER SEEN AGAIN .... and not a hasher to later arrive even admitted to knowing the mystery names. The HondoHondo triangle starts a reputation ?

To the great credit of the pack a nearly full cast headed out on Wetdream’s trail at 4pm and despite some parts being swum rather than run (Squirrels love water, as apparently do Castratos and odd mini HeadGaskets) we arrived at the hastily repositioned beerstop a la BoogieBoobs. JustAlice claims a sister (we didn’t hear the other side of the story) and rather than popping over to NY to say happy birthday (and hence miss the hash), she induced village children at the beerstop to hold up a sweet ‘happy 30th birthday Heather’ sign and photo them .... ahhhhh.

The run in was more of a muddy stumble and crawl for most, but everyone was accounted for at the following circle. Due to gross foresight our esteemed GM CockRoach backed out of his sworn commitment to go the distance and hung around Dar doing nothing of value, so stand-in past GM’s came to the fore again.

WetDream’s memory came to life and CampBed, Headgasket and Nuts4Love were straight in for hats in the circle and punished with a horizontal downdown suitably filtered through headgear.
Other notables were Twitchers feat of dry feet throughout the run, having removed and replaced her trainers and socks multiple time; parents who stuffed up the packed lunch system by taking their kids to the Falls; HappyWith3Fingers who was apparently wonderful (don’t ask me I just wrote it down); and finally Castrato’s introduction as new trailmaster.
In accordance with Rippas tradition Castrato had heard about a hare of the dog run on Sunday but had no idea of a Monday run, at which point CandyMan took over the circle.

The RA had stocked up on crimes, even conversing with police on the trip from Dar to ascertain who had been speeding - Headgasket was let off as they don’t prosecute the over 70’s any more, Benjamin was GIVEN money to give to Jock (as the RA said - they haven’t really come to terms with this corruption thing yet), and Ryan also simply stopped for a chat.
BB’s vomitous night was memorialised, with CanyBlower for company; new boots JustJoe, Nuts4Love, and Taylor; WD and BB and Sq for ignoring the massive HondoHondo sign and checking out the road ahead; Abdi for asking the way of the villagers on the run; departees Twitcher, FoxyPussy and JustAlice; and finally virgins Taylor and Benjamin.

After a brief warm safari rendition, the GM ran the hash shit stakes in his well remembered democratic fashion. Nominees PleasureCentre; SpitsAndSwallows; Castrato; HappyWith3 and FoxyPussy were quickly whittled down to PC who actually seemed to be happy in the regalia.
SLSC and food.

Trash 1366

Run No.1366 29 March 2010
Venue: “Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooor Hoose”
Hares: Cockroach and Boogie Boobs
Grand Master: Cockroach
Religious Advisor: Candyman

Sold to us as “short” it was in fact a decent length, though perhaps not quite devious enough (my own attempt to second-guess the hare proved to be as successful as pissing into the wind). When Rippa was asked about the trail he complained that it was too short. Well what d’ye expect when you only run half of it? When Close Encounters’s Mum was asked about the walking trail she launched forth into a full-length soliloquy and had to be unceremoniously bundled out of the Circle for her own protection. But hashers were very impressed with Castrato for selflessly volunteering to take over Rippa’s ever-so-onerous duties as Hash Trailmaster. There were no announcements (hurray!) except that Easter Bunnies should gather at Ooor Hoose at 0900 on Friday morning for the start of the Udzungwa Experience (which will hopefully eclipse the memories of the Ubungo Experience). The GM shouting out “Can I have Boogie Boobs in the Circle please” raised a few eyebrows, but it turned out that all he wanted to do was to congratulate her on her Birthday. It has become a tradition of the Dar Hash to humiliate those who forget to collect their belongings, but a search of the Trash archives has shown that never before have these included breast implants. Candyman couldn’t persuade anyone to own up to owning them (though I noticed Shaggy blushing) so he called out Foxy Pussy and Twitcher (chosen at random - so he claimed) to model them for us. This produced a curiously lop-sided effect, but let’s move quickly on to the Departees who included Rubber Bum (whose breasts have only just bounced in), Rippa, and Gary Glitter. Returnees (sad people) included Wounded Knee, Nurse Ratched, Little MG, and Extra-Testicular. Loads of American Virgin Peace Corpses, all made to come by Wounded Knee. Candyman said he was amazed to meet a bunch of Yanks who made the Marines look intelligent - which I thought was a bit unkind (tho’ to whom I am not saying). They had some very fancy FSPs, but, if you have been given the job of promoting sexual abstinence to teenagers in Mtwara, I guess you have to occupy your mind with something a little exotic. Latecummer’s Little Helper was given the name of “Kili-ndogo” - and a right little star he is - though 20 years on, will he sue the Hash for child abuse? The Hashit went to Bijal for stirring up a hue and cry about her missing trainers, when all the time they were in her washing machine, but the regalia will be worn by a lookalike (Wet Dream) for the next Hash. Gary Glitter was honoured as a Hash Super Hero for conning the Brewery into supplying us with free beer for eternity. And there was a lot of respect shown to Rippa, who is sadly leaving us. His main contribution to the Hash was of course being the model for Torsten’s Friend and Torsten’s Friend’s Identical Twin. Not many people know that. We will miss him, but Torsten’s Friend will always remind us of him, and he is sure to be back one day. The Circle ended in the traditional way.

On On

Editor’s note: normal paragraph service will be resumed after Easter.

1365 Trash

Run No.1365 22 March 2010
Venue: Valhalla
Hares: Candyman and Rippa
Grand Master: Cockroach
Religious Advisor: Candyman

It pains me to admit it, but I couldn’t find much wrong with the trail. The Hares sold us the dummy successfully at several points, and we all had a good workout without getting completely cream-crackered. Other trail-setters please note. Hornygoat and another of the female persuasion gave the run and walk respectively a clean bill of health and this set the tone for the evening. A very, quiet, inoffensive, not to say anodyne, Hash. Of course Hash Mouth wasn’t there, which accounts for a lot of it, though I did see him skulking around at one point, and his partner-in-crime Flatters had blown out of town. Miss Demeanours included Sushi (Queen of Korogwe) and Boxer for their cool-down routines (how many times do we have to tell people that the Hash is not about healthy exercise, fitness, and all that crap). Announcements came thick and fast: a lecture on how to dynamite fish at IST (sic) on Thursday (25th) evening, a beach binge for Rippa at the Goldings Hideaway on Sunday 28th, a St George’s Soc Treasure Hunt on the same day, the Udzungwa Experience over Easter, and the Bagomoyo Run on 15th / 16th May. NWH is at the Golding’s TownHouse. Rippa is leaving us for sandier pastures, but the GM’s plea for a replacement Trailmaster fell on deaf ears. I think the problem is that everyone is put off by the impossibly high standard that Rippa set in performing this duty. The Religious Advisor, Candyman, called on Boxer to parade in his silky, cream, oh-so-tight-fitting, cycling shorts - when he lifted his T-shirt a little I saw a sight that will haunt me for ever, and Candyblower nearly fainted clean away - he seemed to be impossibly well-endowed, and, sure enough, Foxy confirmed to me afterwards that Boxer has been known to keep a spare pair of running socks down there. Let’s move quickly on now to the Inappropriately Dressed / Returnees, who included Rubber Bum (bouncing in that very day from New Zealand), Christian, Amit, Bijal, Bumtitty, Squirrel, Deep Throat, and Never Pays (as he was then known). I feel a new paragraph coming on.

It is always good to have Virgins, according to the RA, and he should know, having defrocked scores over recent years. They included Sandra, Meredith, Slip Inside, Melanie, Burton, Marcus and Jenna, and their FSPs conformed very much to the national stereotypes, ie involving cowgirls(US), dogs(UK) and sheep(NZ). Nuts for Love’s other half (Never Pays that was) was named Castrato (I haven’t got time to explain fortunately). The serious business of awarding the Hashit by popular vote has degenerated to the stage where it now appears to be the personal gift of the GM - how else to explain that it was awarded to the blameless Rippa? And the Circle ended in the traditional way.

On On

Trash 1364

Run No.1364 15 March 2010
Venue: Oirish Pub
Hares: Rippa (red and sweaty) Boogie Boobs (smooth and silky)
Grand Master: Cockroach
Religious Advisor: Shaggy Haggis

Locating the beer stop in the middle of an Islamic school was an inspired choice, and as the walkers had been mislaid, and the runners weren’t in the mood for singing the “Why are we waiting” song, Tiny Sausage led us in a miniature version of “Father Abraham” - which the schoolkids really enjoyed - especially the UUUUUh the AAAAAh and the EEEEEEh. OOmba said the run was slow and he was pissed off with himself for screwing up so many checks. Dar She Blows said the walk was steamy, but then she is an Ice Queen.

NWH will be hosted by the Candypersons at Valhalla. In their absence Flatulence and Hornigoat were called on to be lookalikes, and they were very convincing - though a bit too frightening perhaps. Wet Dream’s Team will win the Bagomoyo Run on the 15th May, but just to give the event some spurious legitimacy he has conned Bumtittttty - remember him? - into leading a team, and maybe even Dildo Dan. I can’t wait - the suspense is killing me. There will be an Easter Hash at Wild Things’s Superior Luxury 5-star tented camp in Udzungwa - not content with a husband and sprog, Fat Bastard is looking for a pig, so, if you have any suggestions, she will be delighted to hear from you. The Hash will be at.......Easter.

It was billed as the St Patrick’s Hash but the only Hasher to claim Irish descent was Rippa - and we all know (didn’t you?) that he is really a Brummie. It was at this point or thereabouts that Tiny Sausage drove out of the car park with a racing start - complete with squealing tyres and blue smoke - a sure sign of a man compensating for being genitally challenged. Shaggy was the RA (talk about poacher turned gamekeeper) and, although his fellow rabble rouser gave him an easy time, he still managed to forget the Virgins and had to be prompted by Wet Dream - how can you forget the Virgins? And they were an imaginative lot it has to be said - Christian likes it in airplane toilets, Aften told Shaggy that if he was lucky he would find out, Just Chelsea likes anything that makes it longer (sic) and Alice (Alice, Alice, Who the F**k is Alice?) likes the “angly chair” - and when called on to demonstrate it, she did - with OOmba in the male part (sic). I must confess it was a new one on me, and most people I think, but I didn’t see anyone rushing off home to try it out for themselves. There is always one isn’t there?....some dumb s.o.b. who has to admit to having been to the A-town in northern Tanzania. This week it was Foxy Pussy. Horni hates getting wet (it is just as well that Flatulence isn’t into watersports) but crawling under the Shaggymobile to escape the rain was taking things a bit far. The Hashit was a toss-up between Christian (for emasculating the scribe’s pencil) Sushi for lying about her FSP, Flatulence for being louche, and Boogie Boobs for being LOUD (surely not?). It went to Sushi who promptly gave Boogie Boobs the honour of wearing it with pride at next weeks Hash. As in all the best Circles the business ended with “Swing Low Sweet Chariot”.

On On

Trash 1363

Run No.1363 8 March 2010
Venue: Jackie’s Bar
Hares: Boxer, NiteRider, Spits
Grand Master: Cockroach
Religious Advisor: Candyman

Hashers were joined for this Hash by a ship-load of swab jockeys and deck apes - they stood out like a sore thumb - being built like a brick shithouse, with muscles on top of muscles, iPods strapped to both arms, and no hair. Am just thankful the Jarheads didn’t put in an appearance. Highlight of the run was Wounded Knee falling arse over tit and - yes, you guessed it - wounding his knee. He seems to make a habit of it around the world, and I can’t help thinking he does it in the hope of suing the Hash for megabucks. Anyway it was a nice bright splash of colour in an otherwise monochrome Hash. It wasn’t a Hash for wimps - so Ripper and Pissed in Action went their own way and never made it to the Beer Stop, and Looby Booby (or is it Booby Looby?) hitched a ride on the Shaggymobile.

NWH will be at the Irish Pub - in celebration of St Patricks Day - and the following week Candyblower will be throwing open her boudoir to all and sundry. Dominatrix was wittering on about a lecher at IST Campus (25 March 1900hrs on Dynamite Fishing) and on the last Sunday in March there will be a treasure hunt organised by St George. We congratulated Dominatrix on conning an American into marrying her - hopefully this will not interfere with her duties as Hash Harlot. The Bagomoyo Run, which will be won as always by Wet Dream’s team, will be on 15th May. Mention was made of Hashers who were at the Kili Marathon - Flatulence, Hornigoat, Twist, Banzai & Bonsai - few of whom seemed to have done any actual running. The RA always likes to do the Virgins first, so Amit and Bijal were brought into the Circle for the ritual humiliation. His FSP was depressingly pedestrian, but what else can you expect from a Liverpool supporter? The RA, struggling to make himself heard over the witless shouting of Shaggy and Flatulence (everyone is good at something), processed the anchor clankers in batches - Mark, Mike, Neil, Ron, Chris, Dave, Aaron, Roy, Zack - as well as a few other rust pickers whose names I didn’t catch. A lot of their beer went over Booby Looby who was forcibly enthroned in the middle of the Circle for various spurious offences. The awarding of the Hashit was a complete shambles, and I for one was heartily glad when we got to the solemn singing of Swing Low Sweet Chariot. As Easy Let said afterwards, “What must our visitors have thought of us?”.

On On

Trash 1362

Hash 1362
Venue: Hash Brothel
Hares: Dominatrix and Ripper (there has to be a theme there?)
The excellent recent weather and weekend hashes resulted in only the more hardy and dedicated (read sad) hashers getting their passports stamped to leave the peninsular. Both the run and the walk were superb – sticky and wet and possible smelly was mentioned by camp bed and Candy Man spoke of the run however it was a solo event as he had decided to run his own event, god help the candy warriors this year! The GM / Ripper routine is now well and truly a thing of the past and we were informed that the next hash will be at Jackie’s Bar on Haille Selassie (bet we haven’t told her yet) hosted by Night Rider (bring your torches). There were rumors of even the hash after that already having a venue (it being St Pats time of year) but I find that way too astounding to be anything other than News of the World trash and a serious weekly such as the this would not be seen to be printing such facetious crap.
The RA had far too many hashers into the circle for vague misdemeanors…the RA himself was all a bit premature runner but because of an excellently marked trail he found the rest of the runners at a check point. Shaggy being a jobless wonder hadn’t applied for the well paid job as Dominatrix’s offspring’s driver…(TSH9000) per day, there were the usual inappropriately dressed. Retarded Lepricorn was not reprimanded thoroughly enough for blatant beer abuse of the GM.
Returnees included Pleasure Center and a few others whom I cant remember, because true in hash fashion, the GM only realized half way through the circle we had no scribe, though punished him with a down.
Easy Let and Boogie boobs seemed to think it appropriate to be on their phones during the circle and paid for this hideousness with lashings of warm safari. The old (ancient) GM back after his wanderings around the north western regions was welcomed and if one GM drinks they all drink, so we got to see just how many ex-GMs we have at our hash! What a motley crew.
Latecomer was back acting as beer master, good to see him back. He did get on odd down down that fell down to his feet, dear liza dear liza.
Announcements were made but mainly to tell the rest of us we were twats for not being organized enough to get out tickets early enough. The Bagamoyoy relay dates were brought forth as were the culprits of team captains with a shrewdly found Tiny look-a-like. At least one virgin (that I can remember - the beer flow was usual in its superb kili cold refreshingness) came forth. The senior Perks were on show having loved their muddy walkabout round the sights of Mikocheni. I am sure the RA wasn’t asking anyone about FSP’s whilst his Ma and Pa were there? One virgin from Sin City (Joberg) brought along by Slimy Bstd. Latecomer got Hash shit for a lack of beer on the weekend hash, however Slimy was a close second for bestiality with a cow at the beer stop then sitting in the circle.
Am pretty sure we sang SWSC but I must be getting good at blocking out crap from my memory system…. Come on there must be some other song we could sing (where is Erotic Chicken these days)….

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