MyLittlePony and SaddleSores stable

Directions: Head out along the Old Bagamoyo road, over Poo River, and turn right at the Kawe roundabout onto the new tarmac road.
Go straight over the bridge and bumps to the Rainbow Club junction.
Take a left up the hill, and take the 1st small turning on the right, down and up the dip, and straight along abumpy road to the TTCL sign on your right.
You pass a school on the left.
There is a ruined house by the TTCL sign opposite the hash carpark.

If you’re coming from white sands direction, you can turn right and go up the “shit hill” and past the bars, turning right when you get to the school.

For the really adventurous, you can take the left before BOT flats, and zigzag up to the pool table, then take a left. This route comes with no warranty.



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