Guidelines for Hares / Hosts


A venue needs :
1. car parking - preferably inside a compound or with askari(s) on the street for security
2. a receptacle for valuables (when people register) and a secure place to lock it up whilst the run takes place
3. access to a toilet for the demure harriettes to change and in case anyone should drink liquids during the evening
4. space for the circle, which may get well trodden and a trifle damp – grass is good but not necessary, gravel and concrete are fine
5. a table or surface from which to dispense warm Safari
6. a table on which food can be set out and collected
7. a few durable seats are welcomed after the circle, but not absolutely necessary – we frequently stand or sit on the ground or a wall or step etc
8. a couple of large garbage bags to collect the empty cans at the end of the evening

The easiest is if you can use your own garden / driveway / roof / patio / veranda / banda as the venue.
If this is not possible, here are some possible venues you can use (and which have been used successfully in the past)

1. Cozy Garden (Mikocheni)
2. Leaders Club (Kinondoni)
3. Yacht Club (Masaki)
4. Mamas Pub (Ada Estate)
5. Trinity Bar (Masaki)
6. Lora International Pub and Restaurant (Mikocheni)
7. Classic Café (Oyster Bay Shopping Complex)
8. ex Arabellas now the Thai restaurant
9. Another hashers garden /driveway etc
10. Hook and Dhow sports bar (Msasani)
11. Bulldog pub (Msasani)
12. Jackies Bar
13.  ????

Some require that you pay a small fee (eg 10,000) to use their grounds. Others may insist on providing the food as their profit margin – just be sure it is within the budget (see below). The hash always supplies its own drinks so this is not an option for bar owners (although we have allowed the Yacht Club to supply beer recently as their costs to members are very competitive). It is important you agree any costs in advance! Beware any over budget costs will be to your account!

Once you sort out your venue, please make sure you send directions (and preferably a map) to BoogieBoobs (aka Lesley Golding - 0754 466 556) at <lmg@bol.co.tz > or to <hashers@darhhh.com> by the Thursday before your run so that it can be forwarded to all hashers by Friday morning.


The budget you have available for this is Tsh 4,000 per person. The minimum number you should cater for is now 50 people (August 2009) and the hash will always reimburse you for this number irrespective of how many actually turn up and stay to eat - ie TShs 200,000.

You may decide to cater for more people (still at Tsh 4,000 per person) but you will only be reimbursed for 50 unless more people pay to stay and eat. Surprise … normal Monday runs are normally catered for the minimum number of people.

Of course you may wish to upgrade the meal by sponsoring additional / better food – some hosts do this occasionally if it is a special event for them (eg birthday run) but it is NOT expected or necessary.

You can either cook yourself or get outside caterers. If you do it yourself, make sure you keep receipts from the supermarket / supplier for the costs of the ingredients. If you organise outside caterers you will also need a receipt. Claim the costs up to 200,000/= back from HashCash on the evening of your run.

Make sure there is some vegetarian food cooked for those who are non-meat eaters (usually only four or five people).

If you don’t have the time or energy to organise cooking yourself, here are some people who have cooked and delivered for the hash before and can do it within the budget - click the link for more info:

Sala Thai New location near Sea Cliff Hotel +255787244997



If your chosen caterer does not have plates etc, fear not. The hash has its own plates and cutlery and serving implements, so you don’t need to get out the best dinner service. BeerMaster will deliver on the night as part of the downdown box.


You do not need to do anything – water, soft drinks, beer, wine and ice will be delivered to your venue by the wonderful BeerMaster.

If you plan to have a beer stop on the trail you can either :
1. use a bar en route (make sure you inform the bar in advance and carry cash to pay the bill - the cost will be to your account as it will undoubtedly be more expensive than our beer!)
2. use the beer truck (make sure you inform the BeerMaster of where it is to be – the evenings hash drinks stock will be used!)
(Guess which is more common).


If you have never set a trail before, feel free to ask one of the more experienced hashers for assistance. You will need to set a run of between 4 and 6 km and about half this distance for walkers.

You will need paper to mark the run – about one large supermarket carrier bag full will be sufficient to mark a trail, two bags full is too much - which can generated from your office shredder; or can be supplied from the US Embassy (via Ms S and S aka Karin Gleisner at 0789508449), or if you are very organised it can be delivered at the hash the week before yours.
Alternatively you can mark a trail with flour. Chalk marks are possible but it can be difficult to find suitable surfaces.

Make sure you have organised a front hare (and preferably a back hare) for the run, as well as a hare for the walkers. The hares should preferably be familiar with the run area so that they can direct slow or incapacitated hashers with a shortcut back to the venue.

Ideas for trail setters :
A really good trail will have points of overlap which will allow walkers and runners to swop packs during the trail.
Use plenty of paper to clearly mark the trail so hashers are sure when they are ON.
Have plenty of checks to keep the pack together, and hold every check if there is no back hare - so no one gets lost.
Use arrows to direct the pack in a direction you want them to take, if necessary.

Before the run sets off, inform the pack
roughly how long the run is
how many checks have been set
if there is a beer stop
whether the paper is on the right or left (try to be consistent over the whole trail).
what markings have been used (for benefit of newcomers)
eg Check – circle (generally around a stone or post or similar)
Back check - cross
False trail - maximum two dollops of paper followed by a back check
Real trail - three dollops and you are ON


If you still need some assistance – you can call the following for help

Castrato – Trailmaster - 0789007505
Cockroach – GM -
LateCummer – Communion Adviser - 0715709911
CandyMan – Religious Adviser – 0784886606


The host and one accomplice will be exempted from paying run fees for the evening (ie TWO freebies) but all your efforts will almost certainly earn you a down down in the circle.
Isn’t that generous.

Original version by NeanderShorty - 2006
Updated by Squirrel - September 2008, Campbed - July 2009

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