FriarTucks monastery

Plot 352A, Old Bagamoyo Road.

Next door to Fontanella’s.

The plot number is displayed in large white letters and the kerb has black and white sections.

Go past Shoppers Plaza, but if you haven’t found it when you reach Garden Road, turn around and try again.

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Hash Trash

  1. Hash Trash 1562
    Wed 29 of May, 2013 19:20 EAT
  2. Hash Trash 1561 (Again?)
    Wed 29 of May, 2013 19:18 EAT
  3. Hash Trash 1561
    Mon 13 of May, 2013 21:29 EAT
  4. Hash Trash 1560
    Mon 06 of May, 2013 17:38 EAT

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